Clarity, Compassion, & Joy for the Solution

Journey to the heart, leave the fear of the past behind, and create your future by design  

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Tap Into Your Heart

Practice and learn the truth that lies within you first. Understand how the heart views your emotional field and how to draw near to you the love of your higher self.

Heal with the Akashic Records

Create with your akash to allow forgiveness, healing, and love where it is available today. Understand how to work with relationships and more in the akashic rooms. 


Release fear of the future. Be guided back to your heart and use specific mantras to help you see the future as it becomes your reality. Powerfully choosing today to be your starting point.

The Body of Design

Begins July 15th

Receive the joy of who you are today and create from LOVE not fear. 

Are you spiritually focused but materially, mentally, and physically drained? Constantly worried about the future but unable to see where your choices make a difference? 


Do you want to rely more on your own intuitive guidance instead of the collective fear based predictions? And are you ready to resolve the over empathic response to your loved ones so you can improve your relationships without fearing their responses to you?


Most people are creating their lives from the past and fearing the future. Our spirituality can become a crutch and our fears become the things we try to avoid, making manifestation from the heart nearly impossible. 


 This creates stuckness, resentment, fear, obligation rather than service to self and others, and more.


Living in the now moment feels fearful when so many people are arguably frustrated, angry, and aware that the world just does not feel like it used to.


Today, when the world is so information rich and influences are everywhere there has to be a way to determine what is right for you and what isn’t. How do we access our own knowledge within about what is right for us and what isn't?


You want to be clearer, connected to your Source, happy with who you are today and understand that bad days do not mean bad future.

You want to understand how to choose wellness in our form as well as our attitudes towards others. 


You need to learn how to listen to your heart and say yes more often to what is available to you and no to what harms you.


With regular practice you can bring peace to the parts of you that you blame and reject for making bad judgements in the past and heal the future by learning rather than forcing judgments of good or bad.


We need to make time for our internal guidance system and heart’s truth to be seen, heard, recognized by our present awareness.


In Body of Light we learn to program our internal guidance system to be able to discern between fear of the future and compassion for our now moment.


We build momentum towards the future with clarity, compassion, and joy for our today.


We experience clarity to be a present moment thing rather than a knowing of the future.


That’s when we become creative.


In these 12 weeks you’ll learn with the help of experienced and compassionate guides how the heart can program the rest of your body and how to access consciousness from the field of possibility rather than the past.



The Body of Design shows us how to access the intuitive field  and pick from there what is accessible to our now moment. 


It is a daily practice and helps us to choose who we are and what we desire so that the influencers of the world do not invade our peace of mind about who we are or what we want.


This closes down doors to other people's auras and makes fun out of the process of being human.


We see the future as it wants to become. 


Over the 12 weeks you will reset your intentions and use your creative ability to sensitize yourself to your own choices rather than be held by the expectations of others around you.


I have been teaching this process for the past 5 years. I have had many burnt out practitioners who already understand these concepts and beginners on the spiritual awakening join BOL who are looking to build their intuitive foundation or strengthen it  so they can deal with the mental, emotional, and physical effects of being an over giver, over achiever, or under valued in their lives. 


It’s a full mind, body, soul experience and doesn’t forgo one for the other. We can ground our reality with laughter, creativity, and joy for the outcomes we want. 


This process helps you to create alignment with your own free will and authenticity in choosing who and what you invite into your field. Creating the Body of Love while seeing the future you bring you the peace of mind about where you are today. 


We focus on the methodology of CLARITY, COMPASSION, and JOY to allow the soul to choose for itself how to feel, sense, and know your Divinity and expression of it in the physical body. 


We teach you the “I AM” presence of the heart and the “I AM that which…” creativity of the third eye.  


Abundance is yours, CLARITY of yourself is how to reveal your desires, COMPASSION for what is needed readies the solution for what pains you, and JOY for the results increases the readiness to involve your action in revealing it. 


What You’ll receive:

  • 12 week course includes:
  • Video lessons
  • Exercises to practice on your own
  • 12 Group Coaching Sessions
  • E-book and workbook companion
  • On-line support group through FB
  • Daily exercises and practices to guide you to tune into your higher chakra system and download your own attunements
  • Develop Christ consciousness in the Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Co-create with Source Energy rather than Ego
  • Learn to adjust time-lines and possibly read for others with the past, present, future method 


  • Create wisdom for your own choices and respect choice as the reason we are here
  • Create clarity for who you are around others
  • Connect to Divine Truth as we speak to others and respect our boundaries
  • Calm the nervous system by accepting only the Higher Self as an authority power, releasing all others as a Source of guidance until you have established your own
  • Learn to access the Akash to heal the past present and future timelines
  • Heal with Archangel Michael, Metatron, and Muriel for exciting new ways to receive guidance and open-hearted wisdom from Source rather than the emotional field around you.
  • Clairvoyant abilities are not necessary to do this work 

** Live coaching sessions are Thursdays @8pm EST, recordings are available

Taught by two fantastic friends and creators of Body of Love, Lauren Antuofermo and Lauren Olivia teach the original content of BOL plus new lessons they have received with Spirit to create authority, authenticity, and clarity in your work.

After training with some of the best spiritual teachers in their field and gaining experience through their own practices “the Lauren’s” worked together to deepen their soul gifts and travel the field of light that is the quantum realm. They have used their special talent for organizing self-mastery in easy formats for the beginner and expert to use simultaneously with their own awakening process.

“Our talent is researching the quantum field for answers relevant to today’s society and making spirituality a present moment energy instead of a quest for superiority. We thank you for your passion for this work and are excited to work together, with your authority intact and your heart ahead of your brain.“


Full Payment $555
Payment Plan $185/3mos

"This class was truly LIFE CHANGING. I still re-listen to the recordings because as my vibration continues to rise, I receive new revelations and transmissions from them whenever I feel led to go refresh my consciousness. What I learned here is literally the foundation of my well-being. I’m more receptive and abundant than I could have ever imagined before taking BOL. I finally love myself, I appreciate my human form and my human life. My intrinsic power has been unlocked and is flourishing. I have returned to love because of BOL. ❣️ Lauren is all love and above when it comes to her vibration; she is a truly a spiritual master and her guidance is of the highest and best divine frequency for all beings. You can receive this Gaia/Source frequency for yourself when you take the BOL class. She literally teaches you how to be tapped in, tuned in and turned on to Source completely on your own as we are ALL abundant receivers. Once you’re attuned to the higher frequencies that are your birthright to BE, it’s upward and onward from there."

From Carrie:

From Carrie Elizabeth:

Illuminated! Joyful! Abundant! The Body of Light.

For me, being a participant in the Body of Light (BOL) program has completely changed and shifted my life. The relationship I have with God, Source, plug in your own term, is no longer separate from me, but OF me. Being apart of this program, along with other group members provided a safe space to explore my feelings and beliefs in a way that was empowering, uplifting, yet grounded and divinely connected to earth.

Evidences you ask? There have been so many but, since my enrollment and implementation of the techniques and awareness, I was able to manifest a loving and healthy relationship with my body (down 6lbs and not by crazy diet/exercise regimen), a check I was not expecting for $20,000, an increase in synchronicities and the blasting opening of my intuitive abilities… I’m now in a position where I have been able to confidently and lovingly offer intuitive readings where I can positively and safely utilize all aspects of my empathic, psychic, and mediumship gifts.

What began as a mission to finally lose the excess weight, and to get more in tune with my spirituality, turned into an amazing adventure that has propelled me into being a truer version of myself. Say yes!

From Teresa:

Beginning to understand the truth of healedness versus needing to be healed.


To understand the truth of who I am is to understand I don't need fixing. I'm not broken. This world offers large doses of lack at every turn. This does not makes me any less who I am. To feel lack is part of the experience, but not who I am. To acknowledge lack is to find love to fill the gap and thus expansion and my heart grows. Lack is no longer something I dread, but instead a guide to say my heart is ready to grow.


I no longer have to suffer with pain, but let the pain lead me out into clarity and an expanded version of who I am. Thank you


Lauren , your insistence that I am enough already is resonating and the experience is breathtaking.