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Releasing Others' Energetic Imprints on Your Soul Star Chakra

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

Many women are doing energy work on others and downloading things from other people's teachings and/or healing light. This is not always what we need for our now moment. Here are some tips and creative alignments that you can do for yourself. Whether you are a reader, healers, or receiver of them, you too have to rely on your own highest and greatest allowance of the now moment to make it work for you. 

When thinking of a past life or calling in the future always believe that the instantaneous reactions of the person you are reading for have revealed how they feel in the now. Once you regret a person's reading or feel bad for not handing it over for them to deal with on their own you tap back in to their awareness of it. This often causes us sleepless nights and over-stimulation of the third eye. So reach out and seek the light of what was given instead and remove all dharma from you that is caused by someone else's health or healing. If you attach meaning to what you've given...

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