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The Body of Love

You are a creator that has the imagination and the cellular function to heal your body from stress weight and body image issues that come with it. 

This course is designed to co-create a higher metabolism and allow food to be eaten with grace, love, and light from mother earth.

We will re-imagine out light bodies to connect with 5D reality and bring in healthier eating patterns and create the image of our natural weight set point.

It's an 8 week journey to help you use your creative manifestation abilities to help heal your lower 3 chakras and ground the body to be able to hold more love for self and others for safety and freedom in the form. 

Then you will learn how to adjust your higher 3 chakras and use your 3rd eye to manifest a lighter body and healthier choices for weight loss and more.

Lauren Antuofermo and Lauren Olivia have educational and occupational backgrounds in health management and use their spiritual technology to assist in uncovering the emotional habits that lead to stress weight and more. Begins February 1, 2021


  • 5 steps to overcoming binge eating
  • How to use practical energy practices to increase weight loss without harmful chemicals or fear based tactics using 5D gridding processes
  • Learn the basics of the Body of Light Program and it's core energy shifting process CC&J
  • Learn to manage weight loss through the higher self.
  • How your sun sign element can help you eat according to your natural design.
  • And finally how to use these techniques for yourself and others to heal light body issues and adjust according to the comfort level of your belief systems. 
  • Intuitive eating
  • Source energy techniques to help absorb nutrients in your food and heal the gut with energetic support.

[ This program does not give out medical advice and does not claim to heal any illness. Weight loss is an individual journey and emotional resetting and visualization techniques are used to help you on your journey to achieving your goals. ]